Technical: Symmetrisleep Sleep systems

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Ágústsson, Thorarinn Sveinsson, Pope & Rodby-Bousquet (2018): Preferred posture in lying and its association with scoliosis and windswept hips in adults with cerebral palsy, Disability and Rehabilitation, DOI: 10.1080/09638288.2018.1492032

Symmetrisleep Trial - Derby 2012 - A small care home trial measuring lower limb contracture

Brightwater Care Group - Full study - A small care home trial measuring lower limb contracture. Implementation of 24 hour Postural Care in a long term care facility

Brightwater Care Group - Full Study Apendices

Brightwater Care Group - Research 2013

Brightwater Results report

A Study into the effectiveness of 24hr Postural Care. A study looking at contracture management in a care home in Middlesborough, UK

Paratonia Correction Research Stud y - A pilot study into using Sleep systems to redcue the effects of Paratonia

Mansfield Report - Symmetrisleep - The original report by Anne Peter et al describes the experiences of families implementing sleep sytems.

Symmetrisleep case studies
Symmetrisleep  instructional videos

1 - Getting Started

3 - Overmantle fitting

5 - Fitting and removing brackets

7 - Supported Lying Supine hips and chest

9 - Supported Lying Supine legs pillow brackets

11 - Sticker Wallchart

2 - Overmantle choices

4 - Fitting the sheet

6 - Fitting the bracket pads

8 - Supported Lying Supine legs and feet

10 - Supported Lying Supine head and shoulders

12 - Symmslyde Simple and effective Turning and Positioning


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Technical: Symmetrisleep Sleep systems