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Symmetrikit slings

Comfort, safety and active temperature




We have introduced a new range of slings designed to assist and improve moving and handling techniques simply, comfortably and safely.

Security and comfort are key features of our range, with slings available in a variety of fabrics and fixings to suit different applications.

Whether you need a multi-purpose sling for everyday transfers, a quick-drying sling for bathing, or a flexible solution for the pool - we can offer a sling to meet your needs

We offer: Universal, bathing, pool, hydrogym, hygiene and anti-spasm options.

Sling fabrics

Loaded with Omnitherm®

Not too hot,
not too cold -
Just right

We have designed our latest ALLDAY fabric to offer a safe, effective
'sit in' sling.

The knit has been engineered for pressure relief
(it has more stretch than most cushion covers) while being strong enough to be safe with
minimal gusseting.

Now loaded with Omnitherm®

These slings work to maintain a more normal temperature, absorbing heat when you get hotter and releasing it back when you cool down again.

Used in our Allday slings, Coolover™ with Omnitherm® has similar temperature regulating properties to our Symmetrisleep™ system fabrics - actively cooling you when you get too hot and warming you when your skin temperature drops too far.

With added camomile scent and bactericide treatment, Coolover™ slings remain fresher, longer too!

NEW Progressive knit

This new knitting technique produces a fabric which encourages moisture to move through the fabric and away from the body. All helped by a hygroscopic 20% bamboo mix


Our specially knitted Ezyslyde™ fabric is silkier on the inside than the outside - meaning it can be slipped easily under the user but won't slip. Silky legs and leading edges make things easier still.


Used in our bathing and pool slings as well as the Hydro-Gym sling, this is a pre-softened mesh which allows free draining and air movement when used in standing.

Symmetrikit offer a choice of pool slings in including the new wearable hydro gym sling.

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Clip, Loop or Travla™

All our slings are available with either clip or loop fixings but we are also able to offer a 'Travla™' option - for use with both clip and loop spreader bars.

And why not add a pocket or two to keep things tidy?

As with all manual handling products, we would recommend you have a demonstration or assessment to ensure the correct fit and suitability for individuals. All our assessment visits are free with one of our experienced Postural Care Advisors.


Or call our office on 01531 635388