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We provide training and educational courses for families and COT approved courses for professionals.

Free Family & Carer Workshops

Designed to give families and carers an understanding of the basic principles of good positioning

With this knowledge and the on-going support of the therapists involved, we find that successful outcomes are within everyone’s grasp. For some years now, Symmetrikit Postural Care Workshops have provided families, carers and staff with a solid introduction to 24Hr Postural Care skills.

Duration- 2 hours

Cost- Free of charge

Venue - we come to you


Free COT approved courses

For clinicians requiring more in-depth training, we offer 2 different 1 day College of Occupational Therapy approved courses.

Postural care in lying   COURSE DETAILS

Postural Care in sitting    COURSE DETAILS

With both theoretical and practical demonstrations, these courses are delivered by a qualified physiotherapist with over 25 years' experience - and can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your team whether working with Children, adult or elderly.

Duration- 1 Day

Cost- Free of charge

Venue - we come to you