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Symmetrisleep is the most popular night time support equipment in the UK; it provides a good support throughout the night, when the body is most relaxed and susceptible to change.

It is a proven system widely used by families to give protection, improvement and a better night’s sleep.

Therapists know it works - we have evidence from longterm trials; the therapists get the feed back from the families. Families like it - it’s easy for them to use. Families and therapists recognise that it is a humane system,not a contraption. It can be used at any age, in any position, in any bed. Symmetrisleep will continue to work as a client grows or changes; although some parts may need changing over time, the system itself will never become redundant.

We have over 17 years of experience in using the system; we work hard to pass this knowledge onto families and therapists through our highly regarded therapist led training.We address temperature and thermal comfort issues. Our sales team are highly trained and provide high levels of after sales service as well as support and 24 HOUR POSTURAL CARE

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